Listing the qualities of myself, because over time I've come to believe there is no good to me, that with every pound I gained I lost something in the process. This has resulted in powerful self-loathing that now I'm trying to change,  because of the roadblocks it's creating. Seems one can't hate them-self and continually think nothing but negative things about oneself without it manifesting into a bigger, more real problem. The real issue is progress, and happiness. The last half of this odyssey is going to need maximum efficiency, and consistency. I also need to truly believe in myself and actually value my accomplishments, and value myself.

Here are some of the good qualities about myself to remember.

  • Aware
I have a mostly good sense of awareness in most situations, I'm certainly not a clueless person. I look, I see, I hear, basically I notice things. My attention to detail is rather good. I'm the type of person to notice when someone's hair is different or if something has been changed in a room.
  • Broad Minded
I've almost always been a very tolerant person, I think it started with edgy humor that took a shot at everything and everyone and realizing that if laughed at one thing I couldn't be offended when it hit a little closer to home and suddenly start labeling the show, movie, comic etc. a certain thing without being a hypocrite. 
  • Compassionate 
I'm certainly a compassionate person, this is why my friends and family have no problem opening up to me about their troubles  and concerns.
  • Determined 
When I really decide something is going to happen, it seems I can always make that thing actually happen. More so when I was younger. I used to hate letting myself down.
  • Empathetic
Surprisingly this isn't as common as one might think, and I think being able to connect with the way someone is feeling  during  a particularly tough time  a strong point  
  • Friendly
I'm a friendly person, I've always been easy to come to and talk to in spite of my anxiety. I think I leave a pretty good impression on people most of time somehow as well. 
  • Genuine 
Think this comes across more often  than not, my honesty and sincerity make me true and blue
  • Humorous 
My humorous side is often buried away because my anxiety, when I was younger I used to be the class clown, though that was part overweight kid overcompensating laugh with, not at shtick I was genuinely funny. I even thought I'd be a comedian some day, in fact a lot of people did. I'm still pretty funny, I just don't let it out as much.
  • Inspiring 
This one is newer, in the past year, especially more recently people have been calling me inspiring. At first I pretty much just disregarded the the first time this was popping up. Not allowing for the effect to sink in, now more recently and more frequently it's becoming clearer that I really am inspiring others with what I'm doing on my odyssey. That honestly feels good, and not everyone can say they are inspiring.
  • Journalistic (wink)
You know I like writing, it's why I've considered work in the field of journalism, and why I've created many blogs over the years, this very blog is sort of condensed journalism it's mostly about me my ongoings, but it's my current events, and trends and issues. 
  • Knowledgeable 
I feel like I have good knowledge on a things, and when I take interest in something I tend to learn up on it. 
  • Logical
For the most part I'm a pretty logical rational person. I like to think things through, clearly.
  • Multifaceted.
I have many sides, I'm multidimensional. I don't just like one thing I like many, I can't just be described as one thing I am many. Perhaps I'm not just good at one thing, I'm good at many
  • Noble
I consider myself to be pretty moral oriented person, whom operates with a certain level with of ethics that I won't break.
  • Open-Minded
I'm open to new ideas, to new things. To things that are different to me. This is probably one of my strongest qualities. 
  • Passionate 
I'm pretty passionate person, I'm passionate about the things that I want, about the people I care about, I'm passionate in dreaming. 
  • Quick witted 
I hate to be thrown into sudden situations, but I learn, or pick up on things pretty quickly.
  • Resourceful 
I've  learned to use what resources I have to the best of my ability especially when I feel like I am at the end of a road, which can sometimes make for acquiring more resources  
  • Sense of humor
The existential element to who I am is my very diverse sense of humor. I've always enjoyed a good laugh, and at times making others laugh.
  • Trustworthy 
This is one I'm more proud of, that I am truly trustworthy. People can trust me and I can trust myself
  • Unique
I'm a one of a kind type of person, while I may share a quality or two with someone else I've always been my own individual, this wasn't something I always liked I sometimes thought it would be much easier if I could just go with the flow of things, but from and early age I've always had independent thoughts. Interests and ideals all my own. 
  • Versatile/Valid
I've always had a complicated history with change, or sudden change because of my anxiety, but it's probably because of this that I'm typically versatile in many situations. I adapt pretty fast. 
  • Well-mannered
This one pretty much speaks for itself. Holding the door open for someone, that casual smile on the street, saying please, thank you, have a good day. Just being nice gracious, that's part of who I am.  
  • X 🙄
  • Y  😒
  • Z  💁‍♂️
I'm becoming just a bit more comfortable with myself each day, I think writing these out were important, I plan on doing the other homework option as well as I think it'll be good for me. Not particularly easy, but will ultimately lead me to growth.


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