Weighing-in, A New Week

It's a new week, so much unfolded last week that Im just glad this is a new week. Although something in me is saying, no, this span of time is no different than the supposed week before it, it isn't in fact new, there are no weeks! Yeah, Im in a weird mood. I think a lot of things are catching  up with me.

Dog sitting wasn't a complete nightmare, but just a poop cleaning bonanza, which wasn't a blast. I survived it, Belle of The Ball remained as charming as ever, the new hellion dog revealed a few cute quirks of its own... Im still not a fan. There was nothing but junk food in the house over their, and I indulged a bit in stuff I should not have, there is usually temptation over there but it isn't typically all or nothing.

Today I weighed-in, I only worked out two times last week, dumbbell workout and the gym one day, courtesy of my friend. The second planned day of going didn't pan out, and I just dropped the ball with exercising, The planned cize workout fell in limbo when my main laptop essentially bit the dust. I used it to watch my dvds and any downloaded videos (I think it's a motherboard issue), my other laptops overheats and I don't think it has the juice. I'm going to try to give it a trial run this week though and see how it works. As for my weight, last week I weighed 359.8, this week I weigh 357.6. I lost 2.2lbs.

Last week I started shooting videos throughout the week to add into one video before I discover my laptop had bitten the dust, so the return to YouTube I had suddenly decided to make will once  again be on hold indefinitely. I have appointments with my nutritionist and urologist tomorrow. It will be the last time I see my nutritionist, then I go from there straight to finding out what's the deal with the kidneys so it's going to be kind of a heavy day.

Dumbbell workout at least every-other-day this week,  for a total of 3. If my surviving laptop can handle the The Cize video without shutting down from overheating that would be great and I'll still have that option. I plan on doing some regular walking this week. We will see how that goes.


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