Tim Tams

I'm just a little unwired this week. I obviously have a lot on my mind and I'm feeling the pressure of finding myself, finding  motivation, losing weight, but not just losing weight exiting the 300s, and just being more comfortable in my own skin. I know I'm gaining weight next week, entirely because I took in too much sugar.

A few weeks ago I discovered Tim Tams, I didn't know they were sold here, I've seen some of my favorite YouTubers try them when they were visiting Australia, where the chocolatey coookie snack originates. When I noticed they had rather plausible calories, sodium and you get two per-serving I decided to get a package. Over a week or so I made my way through them, eating two a day after dinner, they were the perfect desert, absolutely no guilt.  No risk of jeopardizing the scale.

Cate Blanchett eating a Tim Tam, because why not? Also if you haven't  seen Blue Jasmine I recommend watching it, stellar!

The issue came when I figured I get another pack last week, but instead got in store bakery cookies because my nephew was with me and also there was a buy one get one free deal and the stores bakery makes decent cookies. I thought, why not? 150 calories per cookie is why not! They have so much sugar, they are delicious but they somehow aren't as satisfying as the Tim Tams which, I had no problem not only stopping at two, but also waiting until after dinner to eat.

I've dabble in the cookies one too many times before schedule. I've eaten up to three at a time that's 450 calories! Not to mention there was what happened  during dog-sitting where I basically only had junk food, sweets and salty snacks at my disposal to eat. That didn't have time to show up Monday, but it's certain to catch up  by this Monday. I was almost thinking of not weighing this coming week, but I really need to see the damage. I'm normally pretty good about sweets, every now and then I'll get in the mood and want something, like with the Tim Tams, the fact that I wanted to get the Tim Tams again though  actually reminds me a lot of my old habits. When I liked something I would get it over and over and over and over again until I got completely burnt out on it. I definitely messed up this time with the cookies, but I've been sending the remaining load away, grandma, aunt, brother etc. I also realized I've been mindlessly spelling nephrologist, urologist for the past two weeks, so there is that. No bladder or urinary issues to speak of.


  1. Tim Tams are lovely. If you like coffee (I don't) you can do a "Tim Tam suck". You bite two opposite corners off so the biscuit is exposed under the chocolate. Then you use it like a straw. Put one corner in you coffee and suck hard. The coffee comes up into the biscuit and makes it all soft and coffee flavoured. The chocolate around the outside stops it falling apart. Anyway, I shouldn't be encouraging you to eat them, or thinking about them myself! I'm trying to stay off sugary foods until Christmas.

    1. Honestly that sounds devastatingly delicious, substitute the coffee for vanilla soy milk (I don't like coffee either). I'm definitely going to take a bit off a break from sweets/desserts, but I did good with The Tim Tams. If I get more in the future I reckon I won't have an issue controlling myself because I find them fulfilling.

      Those other cookies were just a train wreck. Never again!


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