I Must Be Broken Because I Can't

I can't like myself I can't believe in myself I can't be in a positive space about myself. I recently got comment on Instagram last week where someone said I was their role model. That's a pretty powerful thing to say, in fact that means I'm having the right effect though, that means I'm inspiring people. The heft of some the things being said doesn't register to the affect they should. I think it's because of this wall I have up against myself.

I've been seeing so many things  about weight loss journeys and liking and/or believing in yourself for them to workout, I was on someone's Instagram page today where I seen a post that said you can't wait to be thin, and I felt  I was being directly called out (obviously I wasn't). Still I'm realizing that the way I've been going about this isn't going to continue to work. Depression monster got the best of me today. I can't pinpoint anything that's triggering me.

So this is the next step, liking me. If this is even going to be a possibility it isn't going to be easy, I still remember the therapy sessions where I could not be hypothetical friends with another version of myself. In fact a lot of practices involving me and another me didn't go too well. Self improvement on an inner scale, seems that's where I'm heading now.



  1. You are worth liking, Brandon. You are 100% worth that.


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