And The Illusion Starts To Tear

Yesterday Nick and Melissa asked me to help them move. They are moving from their apartment here in town to a cozy little house out of town in the suburbs. I mainly moved boxes, it was lot of up and down stairs, I was sweating like a cow (because apparently they sweat a lot) and of course the headache came upon likely due  to dehydration from the sweating, which I think is the common link to my so called migraines. I consider the moving my days workout.

Melissa picked me up and she had a lengthy talk to me about how much her and nick care about me, I had nick pick me up from the hospital the day I was discharged so they were filled in on my hospitalization. She wanted to assure me I could always come to them to talk, but more importantly they would truly be devastated if any happened to me, it was a very nice reassuring conversation.

I've been in contact with one of my friends from the Behavioral health facility. I recently described my current state as serene, which I think is saying a lot. I haven't been depressed, I haven't been self loathing, I've been rather, untroubled with my usual woes. I think I may be breaking past the barrier and the mental illusions are starting to tear apart. I feel like I'm starting to accept myself just a bit more, which even a bit is a lot.


I was suppose to start my group program today but it's actually been put off until Tuesday, because I dropped the ball with this transportation service that's supposed to take me it has this ridiculous pre schedule system that is a nightmare.  So yeah, Tuesday.


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