The Chains Around Me Are Finally Breaking

So Christmas Eve me is upon us, and I've went from dreading it over the last month or so, to where I am now. Which is, I don't really feel a certain way towards it. I had plans to avoid all family gatherings, and I've decided to go to the one at my grandmothers house, as well as one involving my nephews & brother and the other side of the family. I won't know a lot of people at the second one and with my social anxiety it will be a challenge, but I've decided to go for it. All of my nephews be should at that one, also my estranged niece whom my brother is rebuilding his relationship with. My oldest brother is also coming to town so it's going to be really interesting to see how I handle all this. I feel like if I had not had some inner reawakening I would be taking a lot of this poorly in anticipation, but I'm still in my rather serene state. It really does seem like I've shed some kind of shell.

Eating this week has been good, I've been working out, I'm not sure yet what I will do on Christmas will or wont I indulge. It really is quite unfortunate that it's fallen on a Sunday, the day before weight-in. However I'm thinking of possibly going to monthly weigh-ins next year (of course this has nothing todo with the here and now), which is groundbreaking and scary for a number of reasons. Number one, having a plan for the next year is a pretty big deal, but also there is the fear that not weighing so often may also make me not take it so seriously, but there is the reverse, I may take it even more seriously because truly I would not be pleased with actually going an entire month without losing. So yeah. Now that my mind seems to have entered the right place, and I'm becoming more at peace with myself next year could be a revolutionary year in my weight loss odyssey. I've got some goals, some ideas, I'll detail those down the line, but stay tuned.



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