So Did It Help?

So the big question one might ask, did being hospitalized help? The answer isn't exactly clear cut. I'm not magically cured of my depression or anxiety or body dysmorphia, I'm not suddenly at my goal weight of 180 lbs, while I was there in the beginning it all felt a little redundant. Like it wasnt really catering to me, I couldn't quite see what I was to get out of it.

I finally started getting  my head together mostly through journaling and there were actually a few group classes that were beneficial too. I also started realizing how much I liked their time structure which gave the day fluidity. Breakfast was at 730am, the first group was at 9 etc. I decided to copy the format  down and structure my days with certain tasks or hobbies at various times to make my days more fluid. Yesterday was the first day of this and it was a rather successful run.

How have I been since Ive arrived home? Pretty good, taking it day by day.  I do feel like I'm in a better place, I had a lot of time to reflect while I was there I think I know better now how to identify when I'm sinking into a severe depressive state. I guess the answer to the headline is yes, I'm certainly better now than the day I went in.

Things of note

-I was discharged Monday afternoon

-I could fit into scrubs, last year I could not

-All the patients were really impressed with my current weight loss, even got a round of applause in a group one day..

-I watched a budding romance form between two patients

-Made plans to keep in touch with  a few patients


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