A Disapointing Failure

Well guys, I couldn't do it. I could not make it to 3 miles today. I got just barely got over one mile and called it quits. My body just wasn't being receptive. I woke up with some back discomfort that seemed to be fading way, but came back right as I got ready for my walk. I also have not been mentioning whats been going on with my knee. Lately my left-knee has been getting stiff and maybe even a little swollen. Ive had problems with this knee since I took a tumble in high school and broke my fall with it. Its given me problems before, I was suppose to get it looked at last year but I couldn't  afford to go under the machine they needed to use. They told me that their best guess was that I have some kind of ACL or other ligament damage, but they wouldn't know until  they could use the proper machinery. I was prescribed some anti-inflammatory and some steroidal medication and that seemed to make a subtle difference. But when my knee starts to get heavy usage it gets stiff and swollen. The pain isn't too bad (initially), the problem is that it brings down my mobility 10 fold, I move so much slower because I gets to a state where I cant bend it very much. Its even gotten to the point, in the past, where Ive had to kind-of move it like a wooden leg without bending it at all.

I have been noticing it flaring up since the first week, but generally it wouldn't get to this point, but I was only doing a mile a week then, Ive noticed  it progressing with my progression. I believe in the grand scheme of things I can work through it, but today the rest of my body was just saying "no." I think this can also be attributed the poor sleep patterns I have. I seem to be going to bed on average between 2-3AM, my body just isn't getting the rest it needs in between workouts. Excuses, excuses I know. I'm very much disappointed in myself,  I started this with some heavy (but mostly reasonable) ambitions to increase my mileage a mile every week. I'm in week 4, and I'm still on 3 miles, so I'm already behind. To think that I may already be pushing myself too far is devastating, and I cant even make any claims about rebounding tomorrow because I'm unsure. I'm going to do what I can though. I guess the silver-lining to today's turn of events is that something is better than nothing, 1 mile is better than 0 miles. I think I may need to evaluate my routine a bit.


  1. Hi Brandon, sorry about your back and knee giving you problems. I don't agree that you have failed today because you walked what you were able to and to me that is a huge success. A mile is wonderful. You would of only failed if you hadn't got up and tried. I hope things improve with your knee and back. I didn't even try to walk today so I did fail. I live in Va and its been all kinds of weather lately. I told myself it was too windy and cold to walk outside today but now I regret it and wished I had just bundled up and walked anyway. Some days I feel so strong and other days I really don't know what happens to my mind. I just know we have to get up and try again each day if we are going to get to where we want to be. Hope you rest well tonight and that things seem better tomorrow.

  2. I think adding a whole mile every week is a lot. Listen to your body - not for excuses but for genuine messages like it seems you are getting. There is a difference between muscle soreness and real joint pain. Drop back the distance if you need to but keep walking a bit each day (unless it gets really bad). And maybe increase distance a bit more slowly.


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