Getting Back To Buisness

Yesterday I had a decent nights sleep, but I have woken up with some back discomfort, I feel like I always do. My bed isn't the best but I manage, I also noticed I have a bit of a cough, one of those sharp itchy coughs that makes you feel like you need to force another to get that feeling from the back of your throat out. I also notice a bid of lingering throat pain, but its different than before now. Seems Ive traded off some symptoms for other ones, but all in all I almost feel back to normal.

Its Monday and its not going to be the easiest week because last week was so inconsistent, but Ive already prepared my mind for whats to come, wont have another week like last week even though I'm not 100% recovered from this cold. My body is able, so here goes, stay tuned.


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