Charge Ahead With Enthusiasm

When I was attending University, I was taking a English 101 course and the teacher was a sweet old lady who simply loved everything about her job. She loved reading, writing and all things that related to them, and she spoke about them with passion. Rarely have I come across someone with that much love for what they do. The one thing she would urge to us every single day, even when she wasn't feeling very well, was that we always charge ahead with enthusiasm in all parts of life. Ive used the line at least once, or twice in previous post, but its something that git burned in my head, and something that I believe we should try to do.

With all that said I went into yesterday with one thing in mind, that my 3 mile walk must be started and completed with no bullsh--, I charged ahead with enthusiasm, and had one of the best workouts Ive had in the over 3 weeks I've been doing all this, so my English 101 teachers mantra serves a great purpose on motivating you to go into things that may be difficult, with mind of embracing it, and in return you nail, or ace the task at hand because its like the universes way of giving back to you for that positivity. Yesterday was great, I did my 3 miles, kicked it arse, and had some delicious cod fish for dinner.

Heres to another successful day, charged with enthusiasm.


  1. I like that Motto my friend, that is worth saying everyday. Charge ahead with enthusiasm!

    It's cool that you are noticing changes, I remember how awesome it was to take a shower for the first time in years. Felt like a bunch of sin just washing off my back. I'm still not where you are right now, but I am going to get there this year I hope. I wish I could attempt to walk three miles at a time. It's good that your doing it while you still can. Have a great day man!

    1. You can do it, we can both achieve our goals if we just stick to it, and Ill be rooting for you on the sidelines cheering you on to success, buddy!


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