The Journey Continues

I tossed and turned all night throughout my sleep, and I got to bed quite late, actually I normally do. I woke up kind of aching all over. Had an egg and bacon sandwich for breakfast in addition to my regularly water in take. I don't know if Ive discussed this or not but Ive been drinking a lot of water. I have this big bottle (pictured below) that I fill up first thing in the morning and drink. I generally drink about a bottle and a half before i begin my exercise at 2pm, and at least another bottle full before the day is over.

Today I began my 3 miles a bit sluggish.  I just tried to go in with enthusiasm, and perhaps I did, but my body just wasn't into it. I was just struggling with it so much today and couldn't wait for it to be over, once I got to the one mile point I thought "this could be it, this is enough, at least I did something." But I charged ahead in spite of the defeatist mind frame I was in. It just seemed longer than ever, but I did it. Ive been trying to recall if I normally hit a stall mid-week. I think I did when I was doing the 2 miles, last week I was sick and skipped Wednesday altogether, and I don't recall if I did during the 1st week.

Good news is, because I completed my miles today, that brings my weeks total to 9, and that's the same amount I did last week all together, so that is quite the victory.


  1. Hi Brandon, just wanted to say way to go on all the exercise your doing. That is awesome! I am trying to walk on days the weather permits but my distance is no where near as far as yours. Also, your doing great on drinking water. Keep up the good work you will be soon be seeing some great results of all your efforts. God bless you on the journey.

    1. Hey Jeanette! Thanks so much for the encouragement, and kind words. I don't know where you are stationed at, but the weather here in Ohio has been all over the place, but Im glad you are taking the right steps and doing what you can. Keep on keeping on, and in do time we will both see results. Thanks!


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