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Its Saturday, the day that begins the weekend reset. I'm ready for next week, today I really don't have anything planned, Ill be applying for some more jobs, I might have a movie marathon later on I'm not sure. I have switched from scrambled to boiled eggs. Personally Ive only enjoyed eggs scrambled, which technically is considered fried? I never called them fried eggs, but in an attempt to make healthier  eating decisions for now on, the eggs I have for breakfast will be boiled, and honestly its not so bad, boiled eggs have such an interesting consistency/texture. I have a weeks worth of multivitamins I plan to take next week, but it has some system, its a pack with like 6 different pills and its a whole thing. They are from some GNC Vitapak, I may not actually end up using them, and just end up getting some regular non-complicated vitamins.

So next week I will be incorporating the video at the end of the post into my daily workouts. Today I was walking past my mother as she was sitting down and she goes "Oh wow" I respond, "Uh what is it?" she says "You really are losing weight, I can see it." I thanked her and just thought about that for a second. Every time I think I see a difference, I'm able to convince myself I'm wrong, and that there isn't anything visually noticeable, so I don't know. It was completely out of the blue, but she could have still been throwing me a bone. I have another post planned for today that will be a little more personal, its kind of about some of the things I want to achieve this year, It might end up being really long, it might not show up at all, but be looking out for that. And below is the aforementioned video.

What do you guys think? 


  1. I have eggs everyday too (well, egg whites) and I just use the non-stick cooking spray. As long as you aren't frying them in oil or butter, you can change it up all sorts of ways. (I even microwave mine, but boy do they smell BAD when you do that!)

    1. I normally used some kind of oil :(. I deff plan to test the seas now, there are so many healthy ways to make an egg, I used to find them so boring and worried about taste, but now I feel like Ive evolved (over eggs of all things) because Ive become so open minded to healthier ideas, or things I just wouldn't try before.

  2. These days I like my eggs poached. I used to think an egg, out of its shell, cooked in simmering water would be all waterlogged and horrible. But no! They set really well. I drain them for a moment on paper towel to get the surface water off than they are great. No burned bits, no added fat.

    1. I think down the line Ill take my chances with poached, but not just yet lol.

  3. Thanks for sharing that video Brandon. I'm definitely going to try it.

    That's great that your Mom noticed your weight loss.

    I think you can still eat eggs scrambled. Maybe use something like Eggbeaters and instead of buttering the pan use one of those sprays like Pam.

    Good luck with finding a new job!

    1. Awesome let me know how it works out for you, Ill begin mine Monday so Ill likely have feedback on it Tuesday.

      And thank you, I'm nervous looking for a job, but I'm charging ahead! Ive already applied for 3, and by next weeks end I hope to have applied for nearly 20 ( I made a list)


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