I'm still at my buddies I will be leaving tomorrow. I didn't do my miles yesterday, or today. And my eating has been off, not terrible, I wouldn't even say bad, but just off. I don't think I'll be coming as much and as long in the future. I don't think my lifestyle change is taken seriously enough, I feel encouraged to slip. I definitely perform  100% better at home, I could make better choices here, but it's like the temptation is built into the walls.  I like hanging with my friends (I think) but not at the cost of moving backwards, I promise guys it's back to business tomorrow.

Here's some good news, some TMI. One of the reasons I used to hate coming here were the toilet. They are comically small, and freakishly low to the ground. Uncomfortable doesn't begin to explain my discomfort. This discomfort now has drastically changed into something a lot more civilized and I owe it all to what I've been doing the past month. So February is off to a slow start. But it will most certainly  be my best month yet, I guarantee it!


  1. Yay for even small victories! You don't need to lose all the weight to start seeing positive changes, they will keep coming just like this one!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, Im going to keep reaching for these positive changes!


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