This week is a failure

Do to car troubles I'm stuck here another day, I won't be home till noon tomorrow. Basically my week is a flop, no exercising so far and I'm just kind of all over the place about it. I feel too self conscious about working out in front of people, it sucks! February I was supposed to get results and I've started it off with a fizzle. Everything about this is just crap I know. I'm ready to put this week behind me, and slay the rest of the month, but as it stands Ive got a dark cloud hovering me this week. Bad decisions were made, I can't put myself in this situation ever again. My new life is at stake. Trying to be strong while feeling weak is rough, I'm been fighting myself from reverting to the old me that would have decided by now, because of my errors this week, the whole journey is a failure and quit. Sorry for anyone I'm letting down with my less than stellar week and behavior.


  1. Maybe don't think of the whole week as a flop. Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to do things differently. Take it one meal at a time if you have to. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed or discouraged. I know, it's easier said than done!

    You can do this; stay strong!


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