The Aftermath


 Well yesterday was the big game, and I must say I had a good time. There were some dudes on the field throwing a bowl and running from time to time before and after the halftime show, and between commercial breaks. Never mind that, the food was the nights real main event, honestly it was mostly dips, velvetta cheese dip with some kind of salsa infusion, skyline chili dip (an Ohio thing), there were also mini chicken quesadillas, bbq meatballs and a special veggie dish because, they took into account my diet (I was quite blown away by this).

I had an early breakfast Sunday, bacon, eggs, toast. I skipped lunch because, duh, I was to take precautions in case I indulged in the Super Bowl delights, and sadly I did. I started off good, a few celery sticks and some peanuts, later I opted to try the dips, I basically had two servings of the Velveeta dip (with corn tortilla chips), and i tried a mini quesadilla (no beuno). At first I thought I kind of over did it, but then I thought about what all I eaten the day total and even with everything taken into account I didn't go extreme. I got satisfied and not full, and definitely didn't over-do it. Had this been June of last year and I would have easily have made my self disgustingly sick and bloated and miserably because I would have ate, and ate, and ate. I've come along way. I also only drank water!

Another highlight from the night was me talking with a buddy about diet plans, my friend Montana who has lost a decent amount of weight the past few years was telling me about some carb flush or something. It was some semi-radically sounding low carb routine where one  eats very few carbs throughout the week but then eats a bigger amount on a designated day, and you'll lose a ton of weight. Or something like that. It's not something I'm going to be jumping into just yet, but it was a nice discussion.

So about the week. I actually ended up staying over, and I'll probably  be here for the day, I'm writing all this on my iPad and it is not fun, there are probably going to  a billion typos, and errors because I get so wreckless because the keyboard tries to auto complete every word I type and I tend to take a blind faith in it,, so sorry in advance for whatever mess this turns out to be. So yeah I'm at my buddies still, I'm planning on doing my miles as usually, I obviously won't be adding in the Dumbbells because they aren't here, maybe when I'm back on home, we shall see. Something struck me about yesterday, I hate celery sticks, always have, yet I ate two. And I thought after I had all that dip that, I actually could have filled up on the veggies (I hate raw vegetables). So I think this month I'm going to train myself to eat more raw vegetables, I actually rarely snack now, but it would be a nice trait to pick up.


  1. I have been catching up on reading the last few days of your posts and it is interesting how similar our stories are. I can totally identify with everything you said from depression all the way to knee injury. It's awesome how you were able to keep it under control at the superbowl party. I also am so used to stuffing my face at celebration events. I usually just eat until I feel like i'm going to explode. I'm glad you're taking control of your life at such a young age though. I wish would have done that twenty years ago myself. My knees are so bad now I can hardly walk on them. But just reading about your efforts to push yourself make me want to do the same. Thanks for that, really encouraging man!

    1. I'm so glad I can inspire others, it's incredible to hear that I'm doing some good in the world in some kind of way just by chronicling my journey every day. Never give up.

  2. EZB, if you don't like raw veggies, try roasting them! You just put them on a baking sheet, sprinkle with some salt and oil and bake them. They get much sweeter once roasted and a lot of people who can't stand veggies love them this way. The best ones are brussell sprouts.

    Also, try freezing some grapes for a really good treat. Like eating candy.

    1. Thanks so much for the advice Im most certainly going to try the roasted veggies. Interestingly, a buddy of mine bought some grapes last year and froze them and I thought he was crazy, but now I get it!


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