Another Day In The Life

I did something interesting a couple nights ago, I signed up for a couple free online college courses.

Childhood in The Digital Age - Delve into the lives of children and discuss the potential benefits and limitations of technology in their lives.

 Psychological First Aid - Learn to provide psychological first aid to people in an emergency by employing the RAPID model: Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention, and Disposition.

The first one doesn't start for another month or so, but the second starts tomorrow. I just decided to try to learn something new, trying to broaden my horizons, provoke my thoughts, there is a lot of free information out there going to waste. I'm going to make use of it. There's a 3rd course I wish to do, but it already started, so I'll have to wait until they announce the next sessions start date.

In other news, yesterday my oldest nephew participated in a local talent show in his city. It was a pretty big deal, he is a very impressive dancer with a unique style. Since it was out of town it meant that there was a good chance me and my mother wouldn't see it, but last week sometime family called to inform my mom that they would come down to pick her up the day of, so she could be there. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't invited, especially since I could have taken pictures. 

Some of my past handy work

I  assume they didn't want my big self in their new car, or didn't think I would fit. I didn't have much of a problem with not being able to go at first, but then this morning I seen the video on Facebook, he did so well, had so much fun, the kid loves the spotlight, it was a joy to watch. I wish I had been there. He won first place, he and the family celebrated by having dinner and seeing the new Avengers movie. I was in bed asleep by the time my mom came home last night. Now I just feel left out, this isnt an uncommon occurrence, and yet still it hurts. I bet if I had been thin, I would have been invited, I would have been considered.

The agedda  for this week isn't weight related, it's simply to read a book. I'm also cutting out distracting websites that that I frequent such as, LifeHacker, The Verge, Tumblr, Facebook, Kotaku, Buzzfeed, Gawker and many more. This excludes all Blogger/blogspot and YouTube related sites.

Want to help me pick a book to read? Here's what I have on my Kindle app

Stumbling On Happiness 
Peace Is Every Step
Fahrenheit 451
One Second After
Dean Koontz - Strangers
Steven King - Just After Sunset
Darkness On The Edge a of Town
The Textbook of Digital Photography 
The Shy Photographers Guide To Confidence 
31 Days To Overcome Your Fear Of Shooting Street Photography 
A Photographers E-Guide To Making Sharp Photographs 
Essays On Inspiration, Creativity and Vison In Photography 
National Geographic - Ultimate Field Guide To Photography 
Going Candid
Jill Mansels - Millie's Fling

Here's what I have on my iBooks app

How To Build A Fire And Other Handy Things Your Grandfatner Knew
Seven Habits Of High Effective People
How To Win Every Argument 
Mastermind How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes
Moonwalking With Einstein 
4-Hour chef The Simple Guide To Cooking Like A Pro
A Mind For Numbers
How To stop,Worrying And Start Living
Six Thinking Hats
Close Up Photography In Nature
Perfect  Digital Photography 

A bit of a mixed bag, but those are my options.


  1. I think you'll really enjoy those online courses and it will be good for your brain!

    It sounds like you were really hurt not to be included in the trip to see your nephew perform. Did you ask to go along by any chance or ask why you weren't invited? I'm just wondering if whoever drove your mom thought you would say no so they didn't bother asking. I have social anxiety so sometimes people don't even bother to ask me along because I rarely say yes. Since you fit in a car much more comfortably the weight wouldn't have been an issue. Maybe they didn't know how much you'd lost?

    I've read the Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Jill Mansels books. The last one is kind of chick lit book so not sure if you'd enjoy it but think you would probably like the first two. I'm a huge fan of their older stuff.

    1. I didn't ask, but that is very possibly the case though. I certainly would have rejected going as little as a year ago, and I'm sure they assumed that.

      I think I'll do the Dean Koontz Book next, thanks for your input.

  2. I consider myself a reader but I haven't read a single one of those! I guess we don't have the same taste in books.

    I'm sorry you felt left out by your family. Maybe because you've been a bit reclusive in the past they thought you wouldn't want to?

    1. Maybe, but maybe not, that is a mixed bag, but I have a lot more I didn't even mention in my Kindle's Cloud account. I'm not sure I have a taste yet, though, I do seem inclined to spooky stuff. I think I'm pretty all over the place.

  3. Heck yeah for the college courses!!!! YAY!!!


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