Yesterday, on paper,  was a solid day, I made sure to make reading a priority, attended my online class in psychological first aid, and even did some drawing. I had a salad for both lunch and dinner with Italian dressing. For 27 years I've only liked ranch, but ranch, in recent years, refuses to sit in my stomach, so I've had to be careful with my salads. Now I love Italian dressing, never mind the sodium.

The first class for that course I'm taking was interesting, I can't wait for the coming weeks lesions.
I was a bit disappointed by the book I started, Darkness On The Edge Of Town, as I learned that the intriguing plot I posted was for a different book, of the exact same name. The one I actually have is a murder/crime thriller. I'm six chapters in, and it's..... Okay. My random, and rather uninspired art project yesterday is a work in progress, I want to add to it every day this week. Just cause.

Aforementioned uninspired art. (We all can't be as good as Kyra)

My plans (the ones I had planned to cancel) to hang out with my buddies got pushed back, to today, and I might actually go.

I couldn't seem to escape that melancholic haze, it trapped me under its spell and had me frequently entering seriously dark places. Snapping out of it is becoming harder and harder, and it's lasting longer and longer.

Agenda for today, read more of that book, maybe even start reading another. Is that a thing, do people do that, start reading multiple books? No? I didn't think so. Draw some more. Try to enjoy myself if I hang out with my buddies. Don't worry, be happy~

(Aren't I all over the place!?! 😔)


  1. I often read up to six books at once! I might have a serious or complicated book that takes some effort, a lighter more fun book, a book I've read many times before, a book I only read in the bath, a book for those times you are trapped in a certain room for a while, a book I'm supposed to be reading so I can review it... it's like a smorgasbord so I can choose whatever I'm in the mood for! Right now I'm only reading three plus one magazine.

    And I like your artwork. It looks like an illustration from a science textbook, showing a close-up of amoebas floating around.

  2. I abandoned that book, it just wasn't very good. I'm still figuring out what to replace it with. But I think I'm going to attempt to read multiple books. I can juggle dozens of TV shows, why not books?

    And thank you.


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