It's Saturday nothing on my agenda. Feeling rather blah today. I had a weird dream that has just been bugging me all day to some degree. I'm still not at all happy with the guy in the mirror. Unlike last week, I'm actually able to stomach looking at myself though, so that is an improvement. When I was working at Walmart with my first and only check I bought over-ear head phones for my ancient MP3 player. Well they were great, but I screwed them up last night ,the wire is really really long and got snagged on something last night and I pulled a bit too hard before realizing. Now I only get sound out of one side. Been a bad week for my technology. It's kind of ironic because a friend of mine just started letting me use his iPod touch, now I'll have to go back to using earphones which I hate! I suppose this is a small issue in the grand scheme of things, but it's kind of big to me. Moving on.

Weight-in is coming up fast and I'm getting nervous. Just two days away now. Hopefully I've lost weight, it just occurred to me that I could maintain again later is that one time. That would be... Oh I can't even finish that thought, it's exhausting. 

Yesterday I took in the highest calories of the week 2,625.


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