I met with my new psychiatrist today, that went pretty well.  I think shes going to work out quite nicely. She spent a good time learning me and even noticed my focusing issue, apparently I was talking about something and just segwayed into an entirely different topic that became an even bigger topic, but I was glad she could actually see the issue. She said we would explore it in the future. Today was my last day on Zoloft, which is a Little scary. My newer antidepressant dosage has been increased, however.

Yesterday eating got back to normal. I took just under 1,400 calories. the plan wasn't to eat so few, it just sort of happened, however I kind of want to see this through all week now. Myfitnesspal showed a 5 week projection for that calorie that dropped my jaws, last night and I thought... "I could do this for five weeks, couldn't I, couldn't I?" Its proven dangerous, but the number I seen, I'm seriously tempted. If nothing else I'm back on the right track, no therapy tomorrow she's on vacation or whatever but do have that dermatologist appointment in the morning.

For the first time in a while I'm feeling good, not about anything in particular, just overall, but I'm hating this heat. I'm thinking once I've got a hot skinny bod, I'm ditching Ohio, I'm so tired of summers and winters, they were fun when I was a child, but now not so much. Of course when I've got a hot bod my opinion on these seasons could change, until then I'd much rather be in a nice place  that has springy weather always. Rain, rain, rain! Cool breezes, occasional sunshine, occasional showers, occasional thunderstorms.


  1. I hate being hot (a real problem here in Australia) but a few bloggers I've read that have lost a lot of weight start enjoying summer. I think the heat is a lot more bearable, even pleasant, without all the insulation we carry around with us! So I have hopes for the future. Glad you're feeling better today.

    1. I'm one of those who have lost a lot of weight and love summer now. Today it was 97 degrees and my AC is broken. I'm fine without it and still need my long sleeve shirt! I can't even go into a grocery store without a sweater though. People look at me like I have two heads.


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