Summer Shower

A most splendid summer shower is upon us at the moment, how glorious it is. The wind is so cool and refreshing, the wind could sweep you clear off of your feet, and the rain is pounding so hard it could summon an impromptu Riverdance performance (I'm aware the actual dance doesn't involve water, but the reference works) It was wonderful. I'm not sure why I took such joy in it, but I did. Nature. Now all I can think about is that old Nelly Furtado Song "I'm Like A Bird."

Yesterday my calorie count was about the same as the day before. I realize that with my nephew coming for a week there's going to be an abundance of junk. I already know my mom is making him a cake, for something... Or whatever. So my week will be just a bit tougher than usual, which is unfortunate because I was really wanting to finally plot out an eating plan. Something that doesn't bore the heck out of me, but will fill me up, give me energy and nutrients. I'm really really wanting to cut down on my processed food intake, even my beloved chips, I'm wanting to cut those out virtually completely. I've learned myself a bit, and Ive learned I'm willing to give up meals for several servings of chips, I've done this. I'll wake up skip breakfast and/or lunch and add more chips to my final meal. Or substitute chips for breakfast and lunch and have a smaller dinner. It just makes for very yuck feeling days. That probably means I should have nachos one last time though right?

Next week I think I'll start doing full details of my eating again, perhaps with pics. Cheerio.


  1. I would really like to see your daily meals with pics Brandon! You lose very well each week so whatever you're eating is working.

    I think it's really nice that your mom is making a cake for your nephew. It sounds like a special occasion to have the little guy there so enjoy the food.

    I wish I could enjoy the rain more but it makes me so anxious. We've had a few severe storms in the past week and I hated them but it sure does cool things down nicely.

    1. I think Ill start the pics thing Monday.

      This nephew isn't quite little anymore, though I do still use the term myself. He just turned 15, which makes me feel both sad, and old.

      I get quite a kick out of the rain. Ill take your storms. :)


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