My eldest nephew is coming down sometime this weekend to spent a week with us, it's a bit unexpected, but should be a nice detour in the usual hustle and bustle of our lives as of late. I'm not sure if I'm excited or not, do I have the energy, I've barely had it for my younger nephews, lately. I joked on the phone with him that we are going to have a dance battle when he comes down. He is quite a good dancer, it's been a running gag for a couple years now that I'm the one that has the real dance skills, and taught him everything he knows, lol.

Yesterday's  calories take was over 2k, but stayed under 2,500.  I'm glad the week is almost over for some reason, if only to find out if I redeemed myself Monday! A friend of mine is going on work vacation tomorrow for 10 days and wants to hangout with me on at least one of those days. The thing is I haven't hung out with him since high school. We've kept in touch since then, in fact I  share more with him than I do with the friends I actually hang out with, but still I told him I wasn't sure, and I probably won't. The whole thing gives me anxiety, which I'm sure seems weird from the outside, even I think it's weird, I'm weird. We will see.... Nothing else to report for now. Stay tuned.


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