My appointment for the day is out of the way. It's interesting how my anxiety kind of chooses when to strike and when to let me be, in public settings now. In the doctors office today I got just an awful feeling once I realized everyone in the lobby was thin, I felt gross and disgusting, especially when some guy who could basically have been a toothpick came and sat down, I was glad when they called him before me. The appointment itself with the doctor was fine. I later went to the grocery store and browsed around, I didn't want the pork chops mom had planned so I just want to get something different. I had literally no anxiety at all in the store, I have no idea why I had no anxiety in the store, but was almost consumed by it at the docs office. But it's better than it popping up in every situation ever, like it used to.

Yesterday I took in just under 2,000 calories, so it would seem I'm slowly swaying away from those low calories. Oh well. I was considering bringing my weekly videos back. I don't think Ive done one since February, just an idea. In less than stellar news, but not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, when my mom got total knee replacement surgery a few years back I moved my modern TV into her room, and moved her giant older, acme weight-like TV into her closet. Well this summer I was finally going to take my TV back into my room because I was getting tired of watching movies and shows on my iPad and laptops small screen, well it suspiciously suddenly died. I'm really bummed about it. My tech means a lot to me I guess, and I can't afford to replace, or repair it anytime soon, just a little dent in an otherwise  fine day.


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