A Short Story & A New Diagnosis

I had a psychiatrist appointment, I arrived early and had to wait in the lobby with other patients. I often have to wait in the lobby regardless of when I've arrive, but today was different, I found myself the unfortunate and unintentional listener of a very dark conversation between two woman of indistinguishable ages (but looked rather young than I assumed, I presume), the topics jumped from their children in foster homes, to ones potential home eviction, to ones once homelessness post-rape. I was completely shocked by the complete open nature of there conversation but it was really just getting under my skin, doom and gloom doesn't really begin to describe it one of the many sensations overtaking me. The worse part of this was one of the girls tone (let's call her girl A) to her own stories. She had displayed a certain sense of carelessness and poor priorities that was really making me feel a certain way about her. At some point she told the other girl (girl B) about some future cash settlement, and girl B asked oh so you're going to get your kids back (apparently it costs X amount to file for rights back to X amount of kids, she originally made money seem like it was the issue) she replied no, I really want to get a car, and move out of the county. Then girl B had to leave. I kept my face buried in my iPad, I could tell by the way girl A spoke she was the type who wanted to tell her story, but I did not want to hear anymore, certainly not willingly, so I tried my best not to engage! At some point she looked at me and said, some of these people here are crazy. It was very distasteful and just out of line comment that  just threw out what remaining benefit of the doubt I may have had for her personality .

Moving on I've officially been diagnosed with ADHD, I was prescribed a medication my insurance denied so I guess within a week I'll find out what's going with that. My psychiatrist actually wanted to put me on something a lot stronger than what she prescribed, but because two years ago doctors wanted me to get my heart checked out (and I didn't) she wants me to check with my doctor to see if she would recommend if I should get my hearts strength tested out be sure for start something that could effect the heart (which the new medication could) I'm not sure why it so deeply opposed to taking that heart thing the EKG or whathaveyou but I am, and I just know she'll say have it done.

Yesterday's [wednesday] calorie intake grand total was 3,090 (fasted then had pizza)
Today's[Thursday] calorie intake 883 total calories. (2 graham crackers, chicken nuggets fries)


  1. My brother had ADHD (developed into obsessive compulsive disorder) but it was never diagnosed when he was a child. Mum asked about it, but the doctor just said he was a bit naughty and she shouldn't be in such a hurry to slap a label on her child. So he got no help. I know it's not a fun diagnosis, but at least it means you can get the help you need.

    1. When you say it developed into OCD what do you mean, because I have OCD tendencies that I will touch down on later (I have a pencil thing, I'm never without one since age 8 maybe).


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