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It was weight-in, and the results were satisfactory. Last week I weighed in at 472 pounds, and this week I am 469! I'm finally out of the 70s!  I lost 3 pounds last week. Once I get to 450, I think that's when all this will maybe start getting real to me, I don't know. It just dawned on me that, in 9 pounds I'll be 100 pounds lighter than when the doctors last had me on record when I first seen them this year. They had me at 560, officially. Of course unofficially I was nearly, or possibly, 600lbs last year (that had not seen me in nearly two years). Is this something to maybe celebrate? I don't know, probably not.

Another mostly stable week, up until the weekend, then things started yo-yo/spiking right at the end, not ideal at all, and I cant quite pinpoint these particular spikes reasons  either. Likely a combination of many factors. The good news is, it seems to have been very isolated, there was that irritability earlier in the week, but that was not related to spikes, and I know exactly what the cause of that was. Hopefully this week will be a lot more mentally sound.

I've decided on the Dean Koontz Book The Darkest Evening Of The Year to Year. Also beginning tonight another online course, Childhood In The Digital Age, I honestly forget all about this but yesterday I randomly asked Siri if I had anything on my schedule this week and it popped up. BlĂ«rg! To say I'm behind on the other course would be sugar coating it.... I guess I have a new agenda for the week. 

I can eat a maximum of 3,450 Calories, here is what I ate today


31 grams Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal, an oz of  vanilla soy milk and 2 cinnamon Graham crackers
350 total calories 

2 Hot dogs, and Oz of Beer-can Chicken flavor chickens.....(....)
670 total calories
51 Grams of Cheddar Jack Cheezits
264 total calories
4oz barbecued hamburger, 4 oz of mix greens, 2 oz candy yams
678 calories total
So there you have it, I consumed a grand total of 1,963 calories today and veggies made a re-debut into the diet.

There are still so many hot dogs left y'all... I want to eat them all. I'm thinking of calling over my friends to actually take them from the house. Not because Ill eat them all at once, but because Ill gladly eat them for the rest of the week.


  1. Your weight loss is absolutely worth celebrating! Well done, sir. Every pound is worth it.


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