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Today I have certainly been in a weird mood, it's hard to describe but it's not good, it's not quite upbeat or mellow like other days of the week. It's very emotional, feels like I'm having an internal conflict about something that I myself am unaware of. It feels like I need to get a good yell out, feels like I have something bottled up. 

Ive narrowed down which book I'm going to read to two. A spooky Thriller called The Darkest Evening Of The Year. And Millie's Fling, this one seems to be the only light-hearted option in my selection. One of these two will be the new book of interest for X amount of time. 

I'm feeling indifferent about tomorrow's weigh-in.

Max Calories Allowed 3,450. Today I had...

3.4 oz of sausage, and the remaining 4.6 oz baked potato salad
537 total calories

1 brat, 1 hot dog, and 1 oz of Garlic potato chips
830 total calories

4.5 oz  barbecued  hamburger (ground beef), and 2 oz Garlic chips
874 total calories 

So there you have it, I took in a grand total of 2,241 calories.


  1. Brandon I've been trying not to write negative comments but I really think you need to start eating real food! No wonder you aren't feeling at your best. I've seen nothing in the last few days that I would call real food that nourishes your body. You don't have to stop eating chips, but put something green on your plate (and in your mouth) before you get scurvy!

    1. I knew it was a matter a time before someone would call into question my eating selections as of late. No there hasn't been any Real vegetables, unless you count that potato salad, but, with all that's been done with it, its lost its nutritional value... I'm going to increase my veggie intake this week however. There's tons of leftovers from Independence Day, so the hot dogs will still be making appearances :|

      (I really do need to cut chips off... Or down... Eventually)

  2. Brandon, maybe consider changing what you eat for your blood pressure if nothing else. I know the brats, hot dogs and crisps fit into your calorie range but they have lots of sodium. You could always ask your doctor for some diet recommendations the next time you go.

    If the Darkest Evening of the Year is a Dean Koontz book, think I read it some time back. I read Millie's Fling and it was pretty good.

    How is your online course coming along?


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