I'm Aware Of The Food Problem

I'm feeling drained today, likely do to poor nutrition, I was supposed to up my veggie intake this week, but did not, I'm certainly increasing it in the next week. I think  (big think) I'm banning chips for the week from myself. I think I've been eating in a very luxurious way to some extent. I've been losing weight eating what I want to eat for the most part, how ideal is that! I think it's really stalling things. Months ago I was really hard on my self and had a ton of vegetables in rotation, of course I was also under eating so I felt the same if not worse (but I was losing more, and I'd seriously argue it was worth it). I really need to start exercising again too. I just need to find a balance, that's an area I'm uncomfortable with the idea of, imbalance on this journey has given me the best results. It might be time to be critical again.

I can eat a maximum of 3,450 calories, here's what I ate today

4.3 oz smoked sausage, 1 1/2 scrambled eggs with cheese, two cinnamon toaster pastries
931 total calories 


allegedly Jumbo butterfly shrimp, and 60 grams of potato chips
1,209 calories total 
There you have it I consumed a grand total of 2,140 calories. Today's lunch calorie total caught me off guard and simply didn't feel like raising the days overall numbers any higher, so that was it for the day's meals.


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