The Golden Girls

Today was a mild day, had my appointment with the dermatologist. They were packed, I've never seen their office full like that before, in fact, the nice older ladies next to me made the same comment, apparently they had been waiting awhile. Somehow the older ladies next to me made the experience a nice one, in fact the only anxiety I had was when thinking about being called back, and having to walk in front of that sea of people.

There was something very charming about the older ladies next to me, I could tell they had been  friends a very-very long time, they were cracking jokes, and just having some lovingly banter that I truly enjoyed. I remember one asking "I wonder if they serve lunch" I just giggled,I enjoyed that little gem like it was the prized punchline of a seasoned comedian, and then I thought, that's what I'd like, to grow old some day and to have friends to accompany me to appointments or wherever, to keep things fun and interesting. It seemed as though there appointment had been dragged back but they were making the best of it. Those were the real life Golden Girls, it's funny how often I thought about that TV show while I sat in that office, I watch it quite often, unapologetically, and without shame, I think it's one of the greatest TV sitcoms ever.

Something about those older ladies is inspiring, they were kind and polite, and just wonderful people, it's amazing, they have no idea that just by being themselves they had a profound effect on me, and they did. I remember at one point they got up and moved right next to me, there had previously been a one chair gap, but they moved to let a couple  sit, the people that sat down thought it was so kind of them, as the room overall had plenty of seats, though scattered, so the they would have to awkwardly find seats. At one point one of the ladies strikes up a conversation with me about how she has no idea how the two doctor staff  can handle so many patients, and  I joked with amount of people you'd think this office had a staff of about 8, we laughed.

Anyways it's interesting how things can affect us, its funny, I can't really remember  their faces, but I remember there presence, and voices, and mannerisms and pretty much everything else. It's crazy. I think those girls may have sent a gust start that second wind. How does all this make me want to get back on track with my tracking, and eating, and weight loss, I really can't explain it, but I suddenly feel like, being better, I know it sounds weird, but as of this writings I legitimately want to better myself.

I ate better today than I have all week, still not ideal, but better, and today I included vegetables, I'm going to include veggies and fruit every single day once again!

I think it's happening, the second wind.


  1. I love people like that! You know they've probably faced a lot of hard stuff in their lives, but they can move forward with a smile on their faces. Reminds me of you!

    1. Well what a lovely thing to say, thank you!

  2. I love this post so much! I could feel what you felt. What a nice thing to read this morning.

  3. I love that you noticed this. encouraging progress in yourself (and not expecting perfection) is the way to go!


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