Therapy today went pretty well, was definitely a great session. Physically I'm doing poor, Im not eating enough, it only dawned on me this morning when I was taking my shower and it was the worst experience ever, it reminded of the that time I went walking at the park when I was eating too few calories and had to call it quits. I had been noticing ever day this week everything just feel extra painstaking, little, normal, regular things like shower, but today it was just the worst. I had that sick feel in my stomach, the weakness in my knees, and the fighting against Gravity thing going on, not to mention I was dizzy.

At first I couldn't figure it out, then I realized that yesterday's meal didn't add up very high (I didn't use myfitnesspal, and haven't been using it)  I suddenly realized that if I had catalogued everything into myfitnesspal based off of what I knew from the past, my entire day's meal was less than a thousand calories, probably around 600-800. I had even less the day before, and probably broke a grand on Sunday. Now it has all caught up with me. I honestly wasn't even aware of how little I was eating, I guess a part of me was sort of aware, because I've been skipping lunch, but I didn't realize how little I've been consuming.

Dermatologist appointment in the morning, I honestly forgot all about it until they called to remind yesterday. I did have it in my planner though with an alarm set, I just would have been completely blown away, this at least eases some office anxiety. My tiredness and sleepiness spell is still sort of present, it may be related to the low calories thing. I'm going to try to pick it up several notches tomorrow and improve.


  1. Sounds like you aren't getting anywhere near enough calories - and it's likely the calories you are eating aren't "real food" so your body is starving of any nutrients.

    A very popular diet in Australia for a while at least was written by the CSIRO science people and counted servings instead of calories. You ticked off boxes when you ate your 2-3 serves of protein, however many of carbs (5 maybe), 5 veges, 2 fruit, 3 fat (teaspoons) etc. One treat per day I think. Maybe you should focus on what to eat rather than what not to eat. Make sure your body is getting what it needs.


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