Got To Get Up Off That Grey Line

An interesting week is certainly about to unfold. It will be my first time going to the gym solo, I believe earlier in the year I even admitted that having a friend to go with certainty helped  to ease a bit of the anxiety (abit). This is like wiping the slate clean all over again, so I'm quite anxious but also excited about what frequent visits to the gym could mean for my journey.

The plan is to do my dumbbell workouts even on days that I go to the gym, that's the plan anyways, I'm still not sure how that whole squat, and floor thing will work out but we shall see. The rest of the weeks agenda will be to make sure I'm eating enough, or frequently enough to compensate for the added activities. Certainly make sure I stay hydrated. Just for fun, since I enjoyed watching that movie last week, I really think I should watch a few movies this week. Or maybe read, apparently a certain someone has read nine books, but in literally a year I have not finished the one I started... When I actually read I speed through chapters, I do enjoy the book, and it's at a great point, but I really have to build myself up to read. I think I'm going to give it a go this week!  Kindle says its 50% (well 48, but c'mon) complete. Im going to try to make this a very productive week. My room is also kind of a mess and I need to clean it, I'll take care of that tomorrow.


  1. I can assure you, none of them were "smart" books. Mind candy. Once I start I cannot stop, apparently.

    I am a member at Planet Fitness and I can honestly say that my gym really does abide by the "no judgment zone." I have seen every body type, every level of ability, all of it, and never once I have seen any judgments or seen anyone really pay attention. It's too hot on the treadmill and we all sweat like pigs. It is gross over here.


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