Taking On The Gym Solo

Yesterday I indeed did go to Planet Fitness  on my own for the first time, I arrived at exactly 10am, it was quite busy almost all the first row of tredmills were taken. I found one at the very end, started playing my  playlist on my iPod and began. I was a bit ambitious with my set time of 60mins. I did not finish the 60 mins, I stopped at 45. I challenged my self at certain points and raised the incline which made it tougher and took a lot more out of me, I would decrease after 10mins. But by 45mins I knew 60mins wasn't going to happen, my legs were feeling like mush. And I couldn't drink right because my bottle was too big for the holder so I had to put it off next to the tredmill, and I wasn't going to pause the tredmill (and get down) every time I wanted to sip.

When I got off the tredmill I explored some of the machines, I believe 7 in total. I was most pleased and spent the most time on the chest press machine, I think I'm going to figure out a regimen for that, it's going to be a part of my regular visits for sure (I find my chest area problematic). The other machines were all iffy, but I didn't try everything (so there is still more to explore). I did a foot machine thing that's supposed to help build muscle for the back of your legs, but I'm pretty sure I was doing it wrong. I used the leg extension machine, I'm not quite sure how I feel about how that went. I tried this abdominal machine which was just useless for me,I felt completely ridiculous I don't know why I bothered. I also tried the different exercise bikes they offer both which I hated, and will never try again. 

All in all I spent  almost 2 and a half hours at the gym I wrapped things up with a final 15 minute tredmill walk, then it was back home for me. My body was worn out, and today I still feel it. I've decided to go every other day, so no gym today, but I'll be giving that dumbbell workout a go. I'm going to do some research into how to best utilize those machines. Also I did not do dumbbell workout yesterday if you couldn't tell, and have decided I won't do gym and my at home dumbbell workout on the same day after all. So there you have it the gym was pretty successful I think. I'm excited for how this will continue to develop for me.


  1. That is an amazing workout! 45 minutes on the treadmill and two and a half hours overall! Fantastic work. There should be a staff member at the gym who will show you how to use the equipment, or a sneakier way is to watch someone else if you are not sure.

  2. Thank you! And ha, that's how I pretty much learned how to use all the machines I did use, by stealthily observing. I'm sure someone would explain, but you know, anxiety and whatnot (not going to ask lol).

  3. Awesome!!! You're putting in really good work!

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