Retail and Fast Food

The week was quite...........(I got nothing)  Three trips to the gym left my muscles quite sore, particularly the upper chest and arm muscles.. It was not quite as a productive week as I hoped overall with reading, and watching a movie, because I did neither. And I cut short a self induced hiatus from friends because the issues they've been having, to trying to distract from my own issues, only to walk into the eye of their hurricane once again. I sadly came to the conclusion though, that I'm just rather miserable at home it seems. 

I brought up the idea of maybe trying to find some kind of low key job, with my therapist,  because I'd like to get a phone, and just to be able to have some cash of my own (plus I don't like my gym membership being in someone else's hands, I haven't exactly been able to rely on anyone... ever) the idea of going back to work so soon gives me anxiety to be honest. It puts me in an almost panic-state,  I have flash backs of Walmart. I still worry about being judged, I truly would never like to work in retail again, well, losing all the weight might change my perspective on that but that isn't really an option. I certainly can't do fast food. My city is loaded with retail and fast food. I don't know where the gray zone is. Anyways, my therapist thinks I should hold off and focus on the weight loss while I can.

No plans for the weekend. I'm home just winging it.


  1. It's not so much my appearance but I'm not keen on interacting with customers, so I've always done desk jobs tucked up the back somewhere. I've done a few government jobs in an office and now writing and editing from home. When I worked for Centrelink (Unemployment and Pensions here in Australia) we had to rotate through the front desk to greet customers, on those days I would gladly swap with someone else and do their worst paperwork for the day! So instead of retail, maybe start investigating the kind of job where you get to mainly sit down at a computer. There are quite a few.


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