By The Book

Yesterday I made it to the gym, I did 60 minutes on the treadmill clocking in over 5k steps apparently. I did the next hour on the machines, chest-press and leg-extension. Then I was out of there. They were once again very busy, my anxiety was quite high. While I was still on the treadmill I was actually contemplating on whether or not I was even going to walk over to the machines and equipment area at all because it was so crowded. I just kept hoping it would it would shrink down by the time I got off, it didn't. I lustered up the courage to go over there though, but at one point at the chest-press machine while racing with anxious thoughts I had to turn my music up almost to its peak volume to drown out my own thoughts. Normally I don't need my music to be that loud, I typically don't like the idea of someone else being able to hear my music but this time I didn't care. I unfortunately forgot my water bottle at home so needless to say I did not stay properly hydrated. I was there for two hours before heading home.

Eating again was by the books, I took in a grand total of  1,452 calories. Turns out I have an ultrasound Friday for my kidneys. Today I do the dumbbell workout at home, read, and organize. I'm still planning to go check up on my dad sometime this week, I'll probably do it on a whim though. Which reminds me I found the very last Christmas Card my grandmother ever gave me before she passed, I believe I was 18, or 19 at the time, I've kept it this whole time. I'm going to upload it soon, it made me really emotional reading it recently, and I'm really glad I held on to it all these years.


  1. Proud of you for putting the work in! Nice job!

    1. Thank you, it was tougher this time considering the crowd. I actually considered maybe just having a short treadmill only day, but I would have kind of felt incomplete leaving so early. Glad I stuck with it.


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