Advice To Myself

Keep  your eye on the prize. The prize is the goal weight and so much more, that's what everything is for. Try not to get so easily distracted when the numbers don't go in the right direction. I've proved I can do this.

Seeing is not believing. Just because you don't see the results doesn't mean they aren't there, there many factors why I don't see the changes visually, but there aren't just visual changes happening. My health has improved as well.

Show appreciation for people/moments/things that bring you good times. I don't think I do this enough, just telling someone how much I enjoyed something they did for me, or just being around them, or saying hey, this was really fun (not that that happens very often) or that was very nice. Just hey, you are valued.

Loosen ties with people now that you are questioning the validity of friendship with. My circle of friends  isn't particularly large so the thought of it getting smaller is rather upsetting, yes, but it's better to start identifying and separating  the bad apples now and then cutting them loose. I am trying to move forward and trying to become a better version of myself. If there are people that would only be moving against me then they must be left behind.

Believe in yourself more. If for no other reason, than for your strong moral compass that you inherited seemingly from yourself.

Be the kind of friend you want your friends to be to you. 

Prepare for what life might just be like if I make it to my goal. There will be a lot of great things about reach goal weight but one of my biggest fears is what my happen if people who treated me poorly start treating me better, it's been a scenario that has not been dreamed up well, but I must become lion-hearted and prepare for these potinential situations and deal with them with dignity and grace. (Also New York or LA?)


  1. Excellent advice, young man. Very self aware.


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