Less Than Stellar

Yesterday turned out to be quite interesting, you see,  I ended up  mowing the grass in the backyard, my brother came to cut the grass Saturday but only cut the small front yard. I was pressured to cut the back yard I just agreed, but a thunder storm rolled in and I had to put it off until Sunday. So Sunday afternoon I decided to just get it over with,  I already knew this was going to be a struggle and I didn't want to have to look forward to it during any other day of the week. I got started after 1:30pm, it was well over 90 degrees, I decided it would be a good day to wear my black sweats and a black shirt (not the greatest decision).  I was sweating profusely, I had to keep taking breaks and drinking water I had massive headache. I probably should have called it quits early into the mowing process but I did not want to have to think about this again.

I finished the task after 4pm 1500+ steps later. I felt rather ashamed, I could imagine what the neighbors must have been thinking of me. If nothing else the task got done though. I was sore and aching and just not feeling great about myself. The only good I can take from it is that the Leslie Sansone videos, I've been doing, and going to the gym helped just in terms in helping build my stamina only.

Weigh-in 08/29/2016

It was an iffy week, not terrible I just knew I took in too much sodium, and didn't do enough exercise.   Last week I weighed 371.6, this week I weigh 371.6. I maintained. I was expecting a gain, so I'm not surprised by this, I still think it's disappointing. Two weeks now I've failed to make progress.

My original plan today was to hit the gym as I usual do on most Monday's but I've decided not to after yesterday. I'm going to do some kind of workout at home. Today I read, and try not dwell on my current weight numbers


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