And It Continues

Yesterday I had a boiled egg, piece of sausage and toast for breakfest. No lunch, I had some Cambells Chicken Pot Pot soup for dinner.

Report Card

Diet: (I'm going to say) Good: I skipped lunch, because I was at work, and stressed with pain. But I didn't eat anything bad, just not much. 

Exercise: N/A. Work obliterated me, I'm not entire sure how I will incorporate exercise

Sleep: Good.

Mental Health: Dismal.

I go in at 4pm today, I'm dreading it, I just want to breakdown and cry thinking of that pain. That horrible pain. My feet are sore still, and I know the pain will come back even sooner today because it never left completely, and I haven't had time to recover. I realize now that I have a condition called plantar fasciitis, I looked in to it years ago, but now it's clear that this is the condition I must have. I have fallen arches aswell which only makes the condition worse. I need to get new shoes, the ones I have are actually designed for people with high arches, and my other shoes aren't much better. I'm going to need some expensive shoes and maybe even some kind of prescription orthotics, and I can't afford either. So I have nothing but pain and misery to look forward to. I have to lose weight faster, and with exercise going to be taking a major backseat, the only thing I can do is punish myself by eating less, only two meals a day. Breakfest or lunch, and dinner. I'm hoping this counters any idea of binge eating. Which is kind of hard to think about. Binge eating was my comfort, now It seems I have nothing.


  1. Well, I have PF so bad in my right foot that I can't even go for a walk right now, so I understand that pain. Icing and Advil help a (tiny) bit, but I've also been wrapping my foot. There are stretches for it as well, have you been doing those? The inserts I have in my shoes are in stores (Super Feet) and they have helped a lot too, paired with a shoe for Stability or Motion control. You can get good (cheap) deals on old models of those since you need them for standing and walking, not running (those are stupid expensive.) Check out which models are stability or motion control, then surf the web for the older models and get 'em cheap (usually $20-50).

    But punishing yourself? To what end? It helps nothing. It solves nothing. Being kind to yourself, well that actually does help. Kind in healthy ways, but kind just the same.

  2. The stretches only help when I can be off of them for a while (like hours), once they inflammation begins there is simply no easing it (certainly not while at work). My experience with inserts is traumatic! Im terrified to put anything in my shoes now, I tried so many while at target and they only amplified the pain, it was like standing on a hard rock or something, I guess with my weight things like that lose there intended purpose? I wonder if super feet would be any different?

  3. I don't know... I do know they let me try them in the store. They were cushioned, but no gel in them, so maybe it'd be better than the ones you have tried? I also started wearing a PF compression thing at night, and it's helping. Some people say to roll a tennis ball along the bottom of your foot while you're sitting and it helps (for me it just hurts, but I have friends who swear by it, so it might be worth a shot too?

  4. Brandon,

    Is there any way you could make a doctor's appointment to get some help with your feet? Chronic pain is not only debilitating but it might be adding to your depression.

    Can you check into some temporary disability?


    1. That would be ideal for the doctor, but sadly I don't have a regular, or family doctor. I would have to pay something up front. Which I would have to wait to do.

      Is that any different from regular disability?


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