Orientation Day

Orientation was today, before I get into that, lets quickly recap yesterday. For Breakfast I had Oatmeal, and two small pieces of sausage. For Lunch I had some variety pretzel snacks and a whipped yogurt. For dinner had a pork chop with spinach and garlic bread.

Report Card

Diet: Good. I could even say great, but lets not push it.

Exercise: N/A. totaled my body with that snow stunt.

Water: Good.

Sleep: Good. Went to bed shortly after 11, and slept well.

Mental Health: Good. Deciding to fight anxiety back was a good move, my head was clear, and the haunting sense of worry and fear only made short-lived appearances.

Today I woke up at six, I like to have more time to prepare honestly, and I probably should have been up at 5, just to mentally reset, and prepare my mind. It didn't seem like I had the kind of time I wanted, but before I knew it I was heading out. I made a bag of pretzels to have during breaks, but I forgot them. I arrived at the store with an acceptable amount of butterflies. I was first, just as I wanted, eventually two ladies and two men would arrive, in addition to the lady who would be doing the orientation. I felt a lot less awkward than I anticipated, but the situation was still awkward and I kept to myself. for awhile. Once we went over a decent amount, a break was upon us, during that break one of the guys asked me about the types of shows I was into, and the day drastically changed from there. I ended up having a good time with everyone, we were a good group and me and the guys had a lot of common interests (in terms of TV shows, games and movies).

The only bad part of the orientation were the cashier horror stories we kept hearing, and they kept saying it was going to be hard. Working as a cashier at Target seems glamorous in comparison (but honestly it truly was ideal from a non foot-pain standpoint), I rarely had to deal with the types of things Wal-Mart was telling me to anticipate. What I did think was ironic was one of the mangers making this big deal about the importance  for you to connect with customers and greet them, and say hi. At our location, the times Ive been in there, the workers never greeted me, and in fact, looked unapproachable. I think I even mentioned that before in a post how people (the workers) tend to look miserable and uninviting. So I thought that whole segment was interesting, clearly they are more lenient on that one.

We did a tour of the store, which wasn't the agony I expected it to be, though I was winded, I eventually started pacing my breathing, and by doing that I could keep a good walking momentum and still breathe without needing to catch my breathe.

They had baby oranges and chocolate candy in the room we were in, I eventually got hungry and opted for one of the oranges. I looked longingly at the other options though. Finally they gave us our schedules and we were out.

Here's the problem.... As you all know, I get tremendous foot pain from standing, but I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I often only worked only 3 hours, working 4 wasn't unheard of, but more than that was rare, and excruciating. there are multiple days on my schedule where I work 6, that one is scary, but the one that is giving me anxiety and stress at the moment, is the 12 hour shift that is coming in a couple of Fridays. I'm terrified, and this will coming up again as the day gets closer, but for now, I'm moving on. I am scheduled early again tomorrow, but its all computer stuff, training will likely be Friday.


  1. I worked for Centrelink in Australia (Unemployment Benefits and Pensions) and in my first week there were four "incidents" with customers. Not with me, but in my office. Scary stuff. So I feel for you there!

    A 12 hour shift would be bad for anyone! Do you have to stand the whole time apart from breaks? I know it's really confronting, but can you bring it up with your supervisor that that is too long?

  2. Yay for a good orientation! You know, with people not greeting and being nice at the store... that's a huge opportunity for you to stand out and make a great impression. You can see where they're failing, but hear what they wish would happen. You nail that, you are ahead of the game! And I agree with Natalie, a 12 hour shift is a nightmare for anyone. Why are they scheduling one anyway? They have to pay overtime for that, legally. It doesn't make sense?

  3. I don't know what they are thinking telling a new employee horror stories. It's not very good for morale!

    You seem like a kind person and I think your customers will like talking with your. At the very least, if you have conversation with them, it might make your shift go by faster.

    Is a 12 hour shift common at Walmart? It seems really long. I hope you don't get many of them.


    1. The just yesterday while doing my my computer work, two employees came and started talking about the customers, it really has made an impression on me. I haven't run the register yet, but Im kind of alarmed.

      Ill eventually make a post about it, but I got it wrong, it appear it is actually only 9 hours, Im just as terrified though.


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