A Mild Day

I finally heard from my friend from the hospital. I searched her up on Facebook and sent her a message and add request, she accepted shortly after. She filled me in on her goings-on, and they were just overwhelming, she is personally holding up strong (under the circumstances), but there was a death in the family that devastated them all and left them quite torn. When she told me the story I was shocked, I truly felt for her and her family. She initially respond to my first Facebook message with a voice message (you can do that now apparently via FB), she was driving and didn't want to type so she had just sent a voice message, very cool, and excellent use of the feature. It was so nice to hear from her. I was just so glad she was okay.

I picked up my orthotics yesterday, they can't be used with my loafers, or crocs, tennis shoes only. So I haven't put them to use yet, I'm not too fond of my tennis shoes, but I will put them to use soon, I'm eager to see if these pay off, I'm super hopeful.

I'm still trying to figure out what todo with my hair, I seen a guy on YouTube with a style I really
like, I just dont think I could pull it off until I lose a couple hundred pounds.

Blogger says this is my 175th post, I don't know if it's counting drafts or not, still, quite a lot, I have been at this all year, only breaking a few times. I've never blogged so consecutively before. My very first blog was made in 2005, I was still in high school, it was technology and music based. I called it Attack of the Cast, inspired in part by a show I watched called Attack Of The Show, on gaming and technology based cable channel G4, which is now the Esquire Network (that channel took a weird turn). I think I got about 20 or so posts in before abandoning the blog. I recently tried finding it, but I believe it was inactive for so long blogger deleted it. Since then I've probably started a blog every year. There was one based off entertainment, pop culture, photography, poetry, and weight, weight loss, or eating, there was When I'm Thin (2009) Brandon's Diet & Health Corner (2010) The Journey To ONEderland (2008) Confessions Of A Eataholic (2010) Killing Brandon (2011) 7 Little Me-Mongers (2011) and many more.

This is probably the most open and honest blog I've ever done, it's been rather important along this journey, and I'm not sure if this year would have gone as well as it has (in terms of pounds down) if I wasn't blogging. Cheers to blogging, here's to another 175.


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