What Would I Do If I Could  Do Anything, if I were thin healthy. What would my life look like?

I'd go back to school, for photography, and maybe something for writing and journalism. I'd go to that big campus college I was to afraid of, broaden my horizons. Being a professional photographer or journalist would be my ideal dream jobs. I've also considered being an author, I don't think Ive got what it takes for that though. My life would look a whole lot different.

My hobbies would be going around snapping photos, I love wildlife, landscapes and structures, but I've always admired street photography as well, so maybe some of that. I'd continuing writing this blog, as well as maybe starting one for poetry, short stories etc. I'd learn a bit more about art and drawing, and improve my own skills. I can see myself going to concerts, networking with a lot of new people, I'd probably have expelled a few toxic people from my life that I hadn't the courage to do before.

I would be a much better uncle, playing football with nephews, taking them to movies, teaching them about determination, and seeking your dreams. I'd be a much better son too, I'd be driving, so I could take my mom places when she didn't want to drive (a lot lately). I would help out a lot more because I'd no longer be held back by hundreds of excess pounds, I wouldn't get exhausted at the simplest tasks. I could take her to dinner, and make her proud for succeeding with defeating obesity, with finishing college, with having a career, for bettering myself.

I'd also be a better friend, I'd be braver, and more confident, I would go to events and places my friends invited me to, instead of avoiding them out of fear of fat-shaming. I could help them out more. One of the coolest things though will be that I can buy regular clothes, some fun, some casual, some debonair. Id no longer be imprisoned by solid colors or plaid patterns. I could wear jeans, and sleeveless shirts. I could develop my own style for the first time. The overall quality of life would be so improved because of simple things. Fitting into booths at restaurants, theater seats, amusement park rides, cars, medical equipment, again clothes. Plus not exceeding any weight limits. Being able to fit comfortably in most spaces.

I probably would no longer have high blood pressure, and the diabetes I've been miraculously dodging all my life in spite of it running quite heavy on both sides of my family, would be avoided once and for all. I would probably write a book about my journey, and become an activist for the overweight, speak up for those oppressed by obesity, and the society that enables that oppression.

This is the future I envision.


  1. Every single bit of this is well within your grasp. Read this often, especially when you want to throw in the towel.

    This is fantastic. You are going to get there. I'm certain of it.

    1. I hope so, it gives me butterflies to think that the above could be my life someday.

  2. Brandon that is a great list! You would be amazed at how many people have absolutely no idea of what direction they would like their life to take.
    As Jimmy stated, all of your dreams are realistic and completely obtainable.

  3. Excellent to see this! Now, some of these are weight dependent, but a bunch of them aren't. A bunch are ones you could start on right now... what do you think?

    1. Gosh..... I don't know....... I honestly feel kind of like, maybe they are all weight dependent.... I'm so terrified of starting these things cause of how I look.

  4. Great list of dreams and goals and I wish them all for you. Do what you can today and each day that follows to make these dreams a reality. Proud of your success and wishing you more as time goes on.


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