New Non-Scale Achievement Unlocked

Today I had sudden non medical appointment out of town. My case worker (not therapist) from my therapy office took me. I hate driving in unfamiliar cars, because of space. When I seen her car  I immediately thought "oh, expletive" (no that's not a substitution for a worse word, that's exactly how I thought it. I'm weird, I know!). It was a two-door Honda! Speaking entirely from experience,  bigger people in these, not ideal! I once rode in that back of an older Mustang, complete torture! I knew I was in for a rough ride. Or so I thought.

Upon entering the car I was shocked. I figured I'd be oozing over into her seat, with my frame molding around every crevice of the interior, but that wasn't the case, I had room, I was comfortable (well mostly, it's certainly a short persons car, my head was practical out the sun roof, lol), it was amazing! I know Ive already mention having more space in my friends car, but that's an SUV, they are bigger, and roomier by design! This car was every bit of compact! It had me thinking, I must have been in the high 500s for a very long time, because the comfort level I'm having in cars lately is remarkable. I'm almost positive now my peak weight... Was just over 600 pounds (still processing this realization).

This is major achievement for me, I'm not even sure I would have fit at all in a two door car a year ago, and now look at me. I could almost cry. Truly a victory!


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