NSV (#2)

I'm not the most confident person (obviously), but lately I have been venturing out more, not a lot, but more, going browsing at stores, sitting in a restaurant to eat (would never have happened a year ago), walking at the park, just going places in general. I still have my anxieties, but they aren't as severe as before, when I go into a store now I'm not immediately wondering if I'm being stared at, and if I happen to spot someone glancing at me, I try not to think much of it. There is something reassuring about knowing I'm losing weight, that I'm doing something about my problem. It's empowering to me. This doesn't happen every time I go places, its rather hit or miss, but the fact that it happens at all is a victory.

Another Victory would be my friends car, last year he bought a new car, a Ford Edge..or Escape...or one of those SUV's that starts with an E. Visually it was an upgrade, but the interior space was so much smaller than his previous Chevy Trailblazer. I was very uncomfortable riding in the new one for a while, my arms and shoulders always connected with his because I was so cramped. Well now we don't touch at all, and I am about 100 times more comfortable now than when he got it last summer.

These are pretty solid NSV's


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