Another Week In The Bag

This year seems to be flying by pretty fast, it's funny how time used to seem to just drag along, and now it's like I blink and a week is gone. It's been an interesting week, the positive agenda for the week was a nice change of pace, admittedly though, it didn't have the effect on me I was hoping, but I think I'll better appreciate those posts further down the line. I did good with calories, ranging between 2,100 and 2,800. Sodium was a different story, over every day.

I've been experiencing  a lot of dizziness. It occurs every single time I get up to do something, sometimes mild, sometimes serve. I mentioned this to my doctor last time I seen her, but I may have downplayed it because she didn't seem too concerned, she said it could be a result of my BP stabilizing after so long, or some other condition. It's been happening so much it's alarming my mom, who keeps insisting I go to an ER, which I refuse. I may schedule appointment with my doctor next week.

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My youngest nephew was over the last two days, he is such a joy. He follows me around like a little puppy dog now. I'm sometimes incredibly jealous of my brothers because of their kids, and then angry because they aren't in their lives like they should be, these kids are a joy, they just don't have the sense of responsibility they should for them, and they take them for granted. Yet they still get to be fathers, unfortunately you don't have to be a particularly good, or present one for that title.

I tend to strongly empathize with single mothers, like the ones my brothers leave behind when there actions lead to incarceration, after all, my mother was a divorced single mom, she had it easy with me, but my brothers didn't make things easy for her. Between my 6 nephews there are 3 mothers. One mother has 1 kid (My oldest nephew, my oldest brothers only kid), the other has 3, and another has 2. These woman never thought they would have to raise their kids alone, and I know it hasn't been easy. This is why I step in so much, I watch them when I can, I feel responsible to help them.

Anyways all this has been making me think of maybe my future kids, and what my idea of parenthood looks like. It also has been making feel rather insignificant. One of my closest friends brother is engaged to be married, he is four or five years younger than me. It's really puts things into perspective.

I don't really have plans for this weekend I was thinking of watching some movies or catching up on my favorite shows. Laundry at some point. I'd like todo some reading (an actual book), but I haven't been able to get in the mood to do it. I guess we'll see.


  1. Brandon, anytime that you start to feel insignificant, just look at the faces of those little nephews when they come to visit. I know that they adore you based on things you have posted. The fact that you love spending time with them says so much about the man that you are.

  2. You might want to get one of those home blood pressure monitors so you can test for yourself. Low bp or an electrolyte balance can cause dizziness upon standing but I'm sure your doc has checked for both of those. The diuretic bp meds can deplete potassium.

    Hope it gets better soon.

    1. Forgot to add, an inner ear issue can also cause dizziness. No end to the ways our bodies can mess with us.


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