Yesterday afternoon I was randomly asked to watched my youngest nephew Kieyrn overnight, it was his mothers birthday and she was going out to celebrate with some gal pals. Her father already agreed to watch his older brother, and Kieyrn apparently does not like him so she asked me to watch him. I thought it over for a while. I don't like things to suddenly be dropped on me, it gives me a great deal of anxiety, even when it involves my nephews, I prefer at least a days notice. But after thinking it over for an hour I agreed. It made for a fun night, he was adorable as ever. Calories for the day were a new week peak of 2,700+.

At some point today my youngest nephew will depart and my eldest will arrive. I'm actually still quite tired from last night, the good thing about teens is generally they don't demand 100% of your attention at all times. Admittedly I've found him just as exhausting at times (LOL). It will be an interesting week. I'm glad he gets to come down, if you recall there was that episode were all his future visits for the year were thrown into the ether. It's not for the whole summer but it's long enough.

I'm also starting some new things on the blog tomorrow, and restarting some things I stopped. Oh yeah... Weigh-in is tomorrow! Hope everyone reading is sending good vibes, speaking of readership. Awhile back during the peak of the melancholy/dark haze saga, my blog reached its 10,000th hit, which to me was a really big deal, but I couldn't enjoy it cause I was battling so many things internally. It's several thousand ahead of that now so I'm quite late but, I just want to say thanks to the people dropping by on the regular to check out my story, my journey, and this incredible struggle.


  1. I'm the same, I like to have some notice even for the good things in life. It all takes energy!


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