July, Bad Apples & Bad Knees

It suddenly dawned on me that a new month just slipped into transition and I hadn't even noticed, or made a big deal of it. Without further ado. Seven months in now, this is scary, perhaps I'm not taking my weight loss journey as serious as I was before. Maybe I have gotten too comfortable with this super slow pace, actually I just realized I haven't been walking in weeks, I need to build up the enthusiasm to do them again, at least the indoor videos, I need a kick start. Maybe next week I'll do another Boot Camp Week like I did in April.

It's been a quiet day, I got into a bit of an argument with my friend Matt again (that same one that I said I shouldn't be friends with) and it really got under my skin. I feel so stuck at times I don't deserve to have bad people in my life especially when I treat them well, but I don't have options. Do I shut the door on the bad bad apples and risk my already humble circle of friends shrinking into oblivion? I'm not on of those I'm better on my own types! In spite of my social phobia and anxiety, I like people or the idea of them anyways. People just don't like me because they can't get past my weight. What if I don't lose it and I start picking off the bad apples in my life?.... Let's move on, this feeling way too several-weeks-ago-y.

I have to schedule an appointment with a doctor about my knee, I've been putting this off for months but a few days ago, whilst trying to get up, it did something  weird and I was in a great deal of pain, now if I move my leg/knee  the wrong way the pain is incredible, it doesn't last long but it does feel like there is some kind of unhinged object inside which is gross. I also have to schedule a follow-up with my doctor about my blood pressure, it's been a few months now (I think?). I was honestly hoping to have lost a lot more weight, I was really wanting to have blown them away, but, oh well. I'll still be down from when I seen them last.

I can consume 3,450 calories max, here is what I ate today.

2 Cinnamon  Toaster Pastries 
400 calories total


2 bratwurst with ketchup, and 3 servings of cheddar Jack Cheez-itz 
1,110 calories total


60 grams of marshmallow stuffed graham cracker bites
280 calories total

So there you have it, I took in a grand total of 1,780 calories. Not the most nutritious day, not a single fruit or vegetable for the second day in a row (unless you count the salsa! Yesterday!).


  1. How do the graham bites taste? I've never seen them stuffed with marshmallow before.

    Also, how do you figure out grams or ounces for things? I see other people write down their food this way too. Maybe I need to get a food scale.

    1. I wanted to hate them, there is red velvet cake in the house (nephew) that I won't touch, and these just seem so boring in comparison! However, these are pretty good, I like them.

      And I have a digital food scale, it weighs pounds, ounces and grams. :)


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