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Therapy went well, it was nice to be back after that week hiatus, however I was informed another would be following next week, blërg! It's been a slow day for me, I've kind of been sticking to myself in my room. My nephew hasn't requested me at all today, and I haven't at all felt compelled to be as social as I have been in previous days. I have just been in my room listening to music and at times watching one of my favorite shows, Impartical Jokers.

It's funny as I was writing this my nephew came and hung out with me for about an hour in my room, we mostly joked around and watched Impractical Jokers, it was fun. Then we went to play some Super Smash Brothers on the Wii U for awhile.

I can eat a maximum of 3,450 calories, here is what I ate today.

2 servings of Low-fat cinnamon graham crackers, with a cup of vanilla soy milk
360 calories total


4 tablespoons of Salsa, And 3 oz of yellow tortilla chips
450 calories totals

I wasn't quite done yet... 2 tablespoons of Queso cheese dip, and 2.5 more oz of chips
401 calories total


2 bratwurst with honey mustard (white bread buns), and 2.2 oz of sour scream and onion chips.
998 calories total.

So there you have it, I took in a grand total of 2,209 calories.  Chips were responsible for half my total calories, they are definitely a problem area, but I love them so. :(


  1. Do you feel much hunger Brandon? It seems like very little to eat!

    1. Not very often, sometimes at night, but overall I seem to do okay as long as I keep my mind occupied, my mind is always raving with something these days. Ironically I think that night I did get a bit hungry just before I fell asleep for a small period of time, but it passed and I was fine.


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