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Independence Day was quite nice, it was humid, fireworks could be heard entirely too often, entirely too close, and from entirely too many directions,  but no I didn't watch them, still  it was nice day like I said. Mom went all out on the menu Ribs, Hamburgers, Brats, Hot dogs, Chicken, Baked Beans and Baked potato salad. What you see below is I did not at all go for variety, I'm a brat, and dog guy, but that baked potato salad was the unexpected star of the day. I planned games with my nephews Call Of Duty and Super Smash Brothers for awhile, my uncle stopped by for awhile I didn't talks see him though. My Mom sent my grandmother a plate of food since she decided to do all the cooking this year. I actually invited a few friends over to grab a bite but they had plans already.

I never did get around to starting a book sadly, soon for sure! I enjoyed my day :)

I can eat a maximum of 3,450 calories a day, here is what I ate today.

Round 1
2 barbecued bratwurst, and  4 oz of baked potato salad

Round 2
2 barbecued bratwurst,  6 oz baked potato salad and 1/2 cup baked beans

Round 3
1 bratwurst, 1 hotdog, and an oz of sour cream and onion chips
So there you have it, the grand total of calories today  were 2,780. More On my day tomorrow.


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