Books & Brats

There is not much to say about today. It's Friday. I am going to start reading again. Books in my Kindle app on my iPad take up 1.3GBs (gigabytes) of space I'm not sure why this bugs me, but it does. Nothing else comes close. When I got my iPad I originally got it as an extension to photography, I even got the camera connection kit and Photoshop Touch, which was recently removed from the App Store (but not that crappy Express thing), but my depression, anxiety, and "am I good enough" "do I look right doing this" made me shy away from photography and I gradually started using my iPad for other things, reading, drawing, etc.  I don't know if it's cool or crazy to have so much memory being used on books, the irony I suppose is I want them gone so I can make more room for even more books, or... Perhaps to use for photos if I were to engage in photography again soon... Perhaps

Max calorie limit 3,450, here's today's damage.

2.5 oz  sausage, 1 scrambled egg with less than oz of cheese and salsa
361 total calories 
2 toaster cinnamon toaster pastries.
400 total calories 
3 Bratwurst with chili sauce, and leftover baked fries my nephew had last night
1,110 total calories.

So there you have it, my grand total today was 2,019. Not shown were three pieces of leftover butterfly shrimp from my nephews dinner from last night that annoyingly took me into the 2k region, blërg! As you can see it was another bratwurst night, and with tomorrow being the 4th of July there won't be much of a change. I do plan to fast until dinner though, I love brats and hot dogs especially barbecued, in the past I could really vacuum them down. This is going to be tricky.


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