Weigh-in And More

Lets get to it. Last time I  weighed 475, this week I weigh in at 472, 3 pounds down. Not too shabby. The good news is I have lost, I'm back on the right path, the less good news is I'm still up from where I was several weeks ago and that stings.

So here is a new thing I'm going to do weekly. Just to sort of reflect a bit on the past week in a sort of minor way. Just a graph it shows the start of the (previous) week to the end of the week, from left to right. The first blue dot is the starting point and the black line is my state of mind. Last week was rather mild. No serious yoyoing, or mountain hikes or spikes going on. It ended ideally. I think the goal, or the ideal graph is for them all to look similar to this one. They will serve a purpose  at some point perhaps.

My eldest nephew never made it down yesterday, and has yet to make it as of this writing. Its starting to look murky as to whether he will make it down.  My friends invited me to hang out this week, I originally declined because my nephew was suppose to be in town and I didn't want to leave him. I once left to hang with them during one of his visits years ago, and when I returned  back he asked me if I left to get away from him. I was devastated, I couldn't believe he would think that, the level of guilt I felt was unbearable, I'm still not over it, anyways, I never leave when he is here now.

I'm allowed to consume maximum of 3,450 calories. Here is what I ate today.


1/4 Cup Honey Kix Cereal, and 1 cup vanilla soy milk

5 oz of watermelon chunks.
Total 256 calories 


2.6 ounces of Cool Ranch Doritos
Total 394 calories 


13 oz of buffalo chicken bites with honey mustard. (I later added 3 tablespoons of ketchup)
Total 950 calories 


These fried wings were supposed to be dinner, but lunch did me in pretty good. They were also not prepped with me in mind so I couldn't risk indulging much in these.
Total 607 Calories 

So there you have it. Today's food total is 2,207. 


  1. You seem positive. It looks good on you!

    1. It's not always easy to see the happy side of things. When you get stuck in the middle of it, getting past it is hard. Good on you for looking for it.

  2. Watermelon looks delicious!


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