A Mild Loss

It's weigh-in, after a week of good eating and exercise (minus Friday I didn't workout ) it's time to see the results. Last week I weighed 387.4, this week 385.6. I lost 1.8lbs, I'm not quite sure why this week is lower than the week before. I'm not very happy with this number, and this a little foreboding for what I can expect for next week since there won't be workouts this week, but I'm still down at least.

Goals got the week include coming closer to my calorie goal (2500), I have not been coming close enough to my calorie goal daily, I tend to leave a lot of leftover calories to spare and I think this week I'm going to try to close the gap a bit more which likely won't help with next weeks weigh-in but I'm just going to see how this goes. Reading is another goal for the week, I'm now 48% done with my book, so if I read at a consistent pace everyday this week I can really get through a nice portion of the book, and I'm also on issue 14 of the walking dead comics, it's interesting seeing what completely different directions the TV show went in, since it's based off the comics. Another goal is avoid the junk food here at my friends house, this won't be much of an issue, but you never know.

I noticed I have built muscle in my arms, whereas it used to be mush, now there is actually a little muscle definition there, especially if I flex, which is why I'm testing eating closer to my calorie goal. Maybe it will also help with the light-headedness and dizziness.


  1. Maybe the light-headedness and dizziness is from low blood sugar? I think I would eat as many calories as I could while still being able to lose. As you get closer to goal, you might need to lower calories and if they are already very low, then you have no where to go.

    Also, you need enough protein and calories daily so that you lose true fat and not a lot of muscle.

  2. You know my mom suggested it might be the low blood sugar thing one day, and I completely dismissed it, now I wonder. I find it very hard to eat 2,500 calories, actually reaching over record the recommended minimum 1,200 is hard.


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