El Fin - Saturday

The final night of dog sitting is upon me, it seems I've finally got belle recalibrated to using the bathroom outside, funny how storm can really throw a wrench into the flow of things. I've been able to eat a bit more lately, by tilting my head and eating to one side slowly, I still don't eat much but I eat just enough not to feel hungry. Tooth hasn't been hurting as bad since I having been using it as much.

I have anxiety, I just realized this week has kind of been like I have been sequestered. It's just been me and this dog all week. I called my mom a few times on Google Hangouts, made an appointment, but was otherwise away. The dog added flare to an otherwise underwhelming, unusual week. I didn't exercise, and due to my tooth situation I didn't eat right throughout.

I'm angry. I didn't read, I didn't discover anything about myself, I didn't find a new great tv show, or stumble upon a good movie, I didn't meet one of their awesome neighbors, I didn't take time to reflect. Time come, time gone.



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