Remember that good news about Belle not having any accidents, well that's gone out the window! Last night we got a major storm, loud lighting bolts, thunder, high winds, down pour of rain, the works. Belle of the Ball lost all of her composure. She was not able to sit still, she was a nervous wreck, a one point a lightning  bolt sent seemingly straight from Zeus' trident appeared to have just landed about three feet away from the apartment, Belle sling-shooted from one side of the room to another, and I basically had an outer body experience (Astro Projection?) because that sent me straight out of my body for a few seconds. This was pretty late after 12am, midnight. Belle finally made her way back to the couch.

It wasn't long before I noticed the tornado siren going off, anxiety was starting to rise, but the dull ache from my tooth, and Belles theatrics were distracting me pretty  good. I had noticed how hard the wind was blowing. I thought I better message mom  I love you just in case those sirens were a forewarning that me and Belle were going to be off to see the Wonderful Wizard Of Oz soon. As I grabbed for my iPad several flickers of lightning lit up the sky, and within a moment the power went out. I thought this is just my luck. Belle continued her theatrics, clearly she's not a storm kind of gal. At a new point during a louder moment of thunder she dashed off the couch and vanished into the dark abyss of the powerless apartment. Soon I got a whiff of something quite unpleasant, Belle of the Ball released her bowels somewhere, as I layed there on the couch thinking of how I  was going to locate this and clean it without light, I decided to use my ipad as illumination. I didn't have to look long, Belle decided to take care of the mess for me (if you know what I mean!) leaving only one small turd ball remaining, and the most disgusting dog breathe one might imagine, understandably she won't be giving me anymore kisses this week/weekend! I cleaned the area and returned to the couch. Where I soon fell asleep.

In the morning I discovered she peed on the head rest area of the couch, and on one end of the couch she threw up her little snack from midnight and I guess re-ate because it just smells awful. The power was off until noon, when I talked to Nick and Melissa they informed that she actually doesn't do good in small, minor storms, so hearing she was a mess during this big storm was no surprise to them (thanks for the heads up).

My tooth situation has gotten worse. I think it's making me sick, not to mention I pretty much refuse to eat anything. I simply can't chew. No lunch, no dinner. I braved breakfast, but that's then end of my courage. Due to the power situation I didn't get to make that  emergency dental appointment, but, yesterday (Wednesday) I did schedule the MRI for my knee, and the kidney specialist is supposed to call me Monday. They needed some kind of information before they could even make the appointment.


  1. Sounds horrible. Maybe you could eat (lukewarm) soup?

    1. I was finally able to figure out a bearable chewing situation that's been working so far. But soups were actually the next bet.


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